LMCS says it could have saved divers lost in Paria pipeline

LMCS divers paria

LMCS says it could have saved divers lost in Paria pipeline

The company (LMCS) that lost four of its divers in the Paria pipeline says it had the manpower and the means to find them alive.

And those who prevented any rescue attempt, despite being told how it could be done, must be held accountable for not allowing the men a chance to live.

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In its first public statement since the February 25 horror, LMCS Ltd said yesterday it wants to know how long the men survived after being pulled into the undersea pipe in the waters off Pointe a Pierre two Fridays ago.

The company is also determined to find out what caused the sudden suction that pulled in the men, bodies broken and bruised, screaming and gasping for air, down into the pipe, to their deaths.

It plans to hire its own international experts to investigate.

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Last week, LMCS hired forensic pathologist Professor Hubert Daisley who performed second private autopsies on the bodies of Fyzal Kurban, Yusuf Henry, and Kazim Ali Jr, who was the only son of the company’s owner. A similar examination was expected to be done of the body of Rishi Nagassar yesterday.

Organ and body tissue samples were taken for testing, and a report on the approximate time of deaths will be available by weeks’ end, the Express was told.

There has been debate over when the men died, some saying it was within hours, and other noting the possibility that with their oxygen tanks and the air pockets inside the pipeline, it could have been much longer.

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The deceased men were underwater welders with LMCS Ltd, a company sub-contracted by Paria Fuel Trading Company to service the line rising from the seafloor to Berth No. 6, a crude oil transfer facility it had done extensive work on six years before.

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