Netflix suspends service in Russia

Netflix Russia

Netflix suspends service in Russia

March 6 (Reuters) – Netflix Inc has suspended its service in Russia, a company spokesperson said on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Netflix temporarily stopped all future projects and acquisitions in Russia as it assessed the impact of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. 

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“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” the Netflix spokesperson said.

Netflix had earlier said it had no plans to add state-run channels to its Russian service, despite a regulation that would require it to distribute state-backed channels.

Reporting by Akriti Sharma and Additional reporting by Akanksha Khushi in Bengaluru Editing by Chris Reese

Netflix suspends service in Russia

This move continues a trend in the West of punishing ordinary Russians; who have nothing to do with the war; for a decision made by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

As Site Nestor reported earlier; “Russians are bracing for an uncertain future of spiraling inflation, economic hardship and an even sharper squeeze on imported goods. The rouble has lost a third of its value this week after unprecedented Western sanctions were imposed to punish Russia for invading Ukraine.”

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That last line though; “after unprecedented Western sanctions were imposed to punish Russia for invading Ukraine”; the phrase “punish Russia” could just as easily and accurately be replaced by the phrase “punish Russians”; because this is what has happened and continues to happen as a result of the sanctions. As a result, the poor and middle class are being punished for the Kremlin’s decision.


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