Ukraine invasion a prelude to a Chinese attack on Taiwan?

Ukraine invasion Taiwan

Ukraine invasion a prelude to a Chinese attack on Taiwan?

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine underway, many people are wondering just how long it will be until China attacks Taiwan.

It’s reasonable to assume that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may trigger the Chinese regime’s potential invasion of Taiwan.

And why not?

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A Shared Authoritarian Vision of the World

Beijing and Moscow share a vision of a new world order that challenges the United States as the world hegemon, NATO as the source of international security, and liberal democracy as a model for the world.

Consequently, Beijing supporting Moscow’s conquering of Ukraine, even though Russia is internationally condemned as the aggressor, is no surprise.

And there’s no doubt that China’s leader-for-life Xi Jinping will enjoy Russia’s support when, or if, he gives the order to attack Taiwan.

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No guessing about that. Both countries affirmed this arrangement just before the Winter Olympics began in Beijing. Each vowed that the “friendship between the two States has no limits,” and that “there are no ‘forbidden’ areas of cooperation.”

Not surprisingly, Beijing shares Moscow’s perspective that the United States is to blame for war breaking out.

Russia Paying a Steep Price

Be that as it may, Russia is paying the price for its violation of Ukraine in a variety of ways.

For example, major Western businesses are cutting ties with Russia. These include BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and other multinational businesses. That alone means billions of dollars in lost revenues.

Plus, boycotts of Russian goods in Europe and elsewhere are also in place. Russian banks are losing access to the SWIFT global financial clearing service, and access to its $630 billion foreign reserves has been restricted. Russian stock markets have been closed, the benchmark interest rates have doubled to 20 percent, and the Russian ruble is now worth less than a penny.

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In the West, funds with Russian assets are seeing their prices fall, public outcry and media condemnation in Europe and North America is non-stop, and Europe and Canada have banned Russian planes from their airspace. Even yachts owned by Russian oligarchs are being seized, which admittedly is more symbolic than strategic.

In response, Moscow is trying to make it difficult for foreign firms to leave Russia, at least in the short term.

Taiwan Action May Depend on China’s Domestic Situation  The Epoch Times


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