Jonah Jones raising funds for Ukraine refugees

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Jonah Jones raising funds for Ukraine refugees

An artist has raised $10,000 through the sale of his paintings for refugees forced to flee Ukraine after a Russian invasion.

Jonah Jones will donate 50 per cent of the sale price of his original works for a week long period scheduled to end tomorrow.

The funds are being donated through Szprychówka, a Polish charitable foundation launched by Alina Kilian, a Polish cyclist Mr Jones met while taking part in a transcontinental race across Europe.

Items being donated include baby food, diapers, food, hygiene products, power banks, medicines, blankets, flashlights, clothing and other essential items.

Mr Jones said: “Alina had set up a charity for cyclists injured through road traffic accidents.

“When it kicked off in Ukraine with refugees heading towards the border she started fundraising for supplies they would need at the border.

“Although it was set up to help cyclists and promote ultra-riding amongst women, its objectives are broad enough to cover assistance for anyone in crisis.

“I told her we wanted to raise funds and help. I can’t be out there helping, but I paint and if people buy my work, I can raise funds that way.”

To buy a painting or donate, visit Mr Jones website here.

Artist raising funds for Ukraine refugees through painting sales  Royal Gazette


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