David Denny supports Russia’s actions

Russia's "Shock & Awe" War

David Denny supports Russia’s actions

General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration David Denny is supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has indicated that he is happy that Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has assured Vladimir Putin of his “strong support” as well.

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Denny, who is also the General Secretary of the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee (Barbados) told Barbados TODAY that while he shares the view that Western Europe has exploited and enslaved African people in the past, he gives his full support to the Russian Federation during this period.

“I am in agreement with Venezuela openly saying that they are supporting Russia. I am supporting those countries that are supporting the Russian Federation during this period. You know, whenever there is a war innocent people will die.,” Denny said.

This week, in a call initiated by Caracas, Maduro, condemned the “destabilizing actions of the United States and NATO” and spoke out against a Western campaign of “lies and disinformation”. Many people have been killed and hundreds of thousands have fled Ukraine since Putin ordered his troops into the country last week after failing to get guarantees that NATO will not expand its military alliance eastward.

“Russia has given support to Venezuela during the crisis period when they were in need of medication, they were in need of food, they were in need of vaccines for the COVID-19. Russia has assisted Venezuela in many areas and there are many bilateral agreements between Russia and Venezuela.

“It was the same USSRE [Union of Soviet Socialist Republic] that supported the African National Congress (ANC) so that they could fight the battle against the white racist government in South Africa. Russia was one of the governments that signed with Cuba to support the ANC. So, Russia has never done anything bad to black people…Russia had done good things for us in the liberation struggle in Africa.

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“I am against what is happening to the black students and construction workers who are Indians and people from the Philippines and other places in Ukraine right now. Right now, there are workers organisations in Ukraine that are supporting the Russians and protesting the military built up by NATO in Poland and they are demonstrating against these things. So, I am one of the people who fully supports the Russian Federation during this invasion.” Denny said. (AH)

Denny supports Russia’s actions  Barbados Today


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