Paria warned there’s damning evidence by dead divers’ families

Paria families evidence

Paria warned by dead divers’ families they have damning evidence

Attorneys for the families of three of the divers who were sucked into a pipeline a week ago, have evidence in hand that can be pursued before the court against Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited.

Speaking during a news conference on Friday, attorney Prakash Ramadhar said they eagerly await the provision of information to the committee appointed by the government.

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“There is some evidence that we have already obtained and we are reserving and keeping it in part solitude for the moment to see what Paria would put on the table, and if it is that there is any effort to cover up anything, rest assured we intend to pursue not just civil remedies but criminal remedies,” he said.   

In a letter to Paria’s chairman Newman George, Ramadhar called on him to ensure that all of the company’s records, documentation, reports, logs, contemporaneous records and statements as well as instruction and directions issued by Paria concerning the incident at Berth 6, be preserved and protected.

“Evidence from before that day, evidence after that day, because in Trinidad and Tobago we have to be very realistic that sometimes evidence can be lost, to put it mildly Evidence can be distorted because at the very end of this, the country needs to know the truth of what transpired and more so, the families of these deceased persons and all those who are affected by it.

“We are intent to take steps to bring all of these matters before a court of law where evidence will be taken, will be subject to cross examination, and at the end of which the county will hear but more so, the Judiciary will be in a position to make assessment of the evidence and make determinations and judgements in these matters,” Ramdahar said.

He also called for a response to this letter to George in seven days.

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While the government has set up a committee to investigate the tragic incident and Energy Minster Stuart Young having said thus far, Paria’s executives will remain in office, Ramahdar stated that the relevant company officials should be placed on a leave of absence or suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation.

While the men worked for the contractor LMCS, Ramadhar said, by law, Paria will be liable. “If there is shared liability that is another issue but at the end, Paria is to be held accountable and responsible.”

‘Paria, we have evidence so come clean’  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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