Jamaica Taxi Driver claims to see ghosts

This taxi driver is known around St Ann as Shinehead, and that was the only name he was willing to give to the Jamaica Observer as he shared stories about seeing ghosts, from his more than 20 years operating a taxi in the north coast parish.

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Among his varying stories Shinehead claimed that picking up spirits thinking they were living passengers was not unusual for him.

According to Shinehead, this has happened to him so often that, “it nuh come nuh way to me now”.

But he has one regret about his interactions with the mythical passengers, “The thing mi nuh like with spirits is that them nuh pay fare.”

He pointed to an incident last year while he was driving along his route in Ocho Rios when a man flagged down his vehicle.

Shinehead said after stopping the car so that the man could enter he became curious as the passenger decided to go to the back instead of using the front passenger seat, which was empty.

The bemused taxi driver said he asked the man why he decided to sit in the back instead of the empty front seat to which the passenger replied, “No, the car nuh empty. Nuh one woman dat sit down beside you?”

A little shocked that the passenger was able to see a figure he didn’t see, Shinehead told the Observer that he was not put off by what the passenger had claimed he saw because he knows how to “plead the blood of Jesus against evil spirits”.

The two men were clearly not disturbed by the prospects of travelling with a ghost because Shinehead said the passenger sat calmly in the back seat and they drove at a leisurely pace until the man reached his destination.

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Explaining that the incident happened in daylight, and he doesn’t think the man was mistaken due to the convincing tone he used when talking about the woman in the front seat, Shinehead claimed that ghosts have even visited him at his home.

‘Shinehead’ declares ‘the blood of Jesus’ on sprits who regularly board his taxi  Jamaica Observer


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