Walmart’s New Virtual Fitting Room Technology for Shopping


Walmart’s New Virtual Fitting Room Technology for Shopping

It appears one of the world’s top retailers, Walmart Inc., is making moves to improve its e-commerce business after the company on Wednesday introduced a new and innovative shopping experience that makes it easier for customers to shop for clothes online.

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Following Walmart’s acquisition of virtual fitting room platform Zeekit last year, the company is rolling out the acquired technology for customers shopping on or the mobile app.

“One of the most frustrating aspects of shopping for clothes online is understanding how an item will actually look on you,” Walmart said in a news release. “With Zeekit, our goal is to deliver an inclusive, immersive and personalized digital experience that will better replicate physical shopping.”

Beginning Wednesday, Walmart customers are able to access the “Choose My Model” experience. The feature allows users to select a model who best represents their height, body shape and skin tone, in order to better understand how an item will look on them.

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Customers currently have the ability to choose from 50 models between 5’2” and 6’ in height, ranging from sizes XS to XXXL. Walmart plans to add 70 additional model options in the coming weeks.

“We have already seen a strong customer response to our Choose My Model experience. The extraordinary, positive customer feedback out of the gate underscores our opportunity and ability to solve a common online shopping problem and build a true, personal connection between Walmart and our customers,” the retail giant said.

Walmart has been battling it out with Inc. for quite some time, and is increasingly turning to e-commerce, which Amazon has largely dominated in the U.S.

Interestingly enough, today’s announcement comes just over a month after Amazon opened its first physical clothing store, featuring technology in the same vein as what Walmart is touting.

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As Amazon looks to increase its market share by improving the physical retail experience, Walmart is introducing new technology for its digital experience. Both companies seem to have set their sights on fixing the problems that customers encounter when shopping for clothes.

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