Crash killed 2 en route to hospital with gunshot victim

killed hospital gunshot

Crash killed 2 en route to hospital with gunshot victim

HANOVER, Jamaica— A woman and a teenage girl were killed when the vehicle they were using to transport a gunshot victim to the hospital crashed on the Haddo main road in Whithorn, Westmoreland, on Wednesday.

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Dead are 29-year-old telephone operator, Vanessa Spence, and 16-year-old Brianna Smith, both of Golden Grove district, Ramble, in Hanover. 

Reports from the police are that about 11:24 pm, Spence and Smith were patrons at a party in Ramble, along with 26-year-old Aljay Ricketts, of Axe-And-Adze. Explosions were reportedly heard and it was discovered that Ricketts was shot.

Spence was assisting Ricketts to the hospital when the Toyota Axio motor car she was driving collided with a Ford F800 motor truck. Spence, Ricketts and Smith (who was also in the motor car) were trapped inside the vehicle and had to be extricated by members of the Westmoreland Fire Department. 

They were transported to the hospital where Spence and Smith were pronounced dead; Ricketts died while undergoing treatment.

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Investigations are ongoing.

UPDATE: Two die transporting gunshot victim to hospital  Jamaica Observer

In other news: Jamaica should protest student treatment in Ukraine

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Hylton has suggested that the Jamaica Government protest the alleged discriminatory student treatment when fleeing the war in Ukraine.

“We have heard all kinds of stories, some of them cause for concern,” said Hylton, claiming that Jamaicans were subjected to threats by state agencies in Ukraine and Poland.

Hylton quizzed Leslie Campbell, state minister for foreign affairs and foreign trade, on the Government’s response during a meeting of the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament on Thursday.

The opposition MP asked if the Government would register a complaint to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), which protects the rights of people forced to flee wars and persecution. Read more.

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