Covid-19 admissions in hospitals decrease – Trinidad

Covid-19 hospitals decrease Trinidad

Covid-19 admissions in hospitals decrease – Trinidad

The number of Covid-19-positive people being admitted to hospitals across Trinidad and Tobago continues to decrease, Principal Medical Officer Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards reported yesterday.

Speaking during the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 virtual news conference, she said the decline has been observed over the last 13 days.

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In December, 84 per cent of beds at parallel healthcare facilities were occupied, which was above the 75 per cent critical threshold and the highest occupancy rate since the start of the pandemic, Abdool-Richards recalled.

“We were managing almost 1,000 persons on a particular day across the accident and emergency departments and the parallel healthcare facility hospitals. Since then, we have noticed a gradual but consistent decline in the overall occupancy, and over the last 13 days we have noted and confirmed that the occupancy is now under 40 per cent,” she said.

“This morning, our overall occupancy across three levels of care is 30 per cent. This is the lowest overall occupancy in the parallel healthcare system since early April 2021, when the rolling average was significantly less, possibly under 200, during that time period,” she added.

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Abdool-Richards said as of 8 a.m. yesterday, there were 270 patients in the system- 225 across hospitals treating severely and critically ill patients, and 45 at the step-down facilities treating recovering patients. “And yet again, this is one of the lowest numbers of patients that are being treated since the May 2021 wave that we had seen,” she said.

She said 34 per cent or 27 out of 80 available intensive care unit beds are currently occupied, while 39 per cent of beds are occupied.

“Just to put it into context, our current occupancy indicates that on average, three out of ten beds in our system are currently occupied. And this is a significant improvement—but we must be aware of the uncertainty of the ­Covid-19 virus,” she stressed.

She added that a similar consistent decline in Covid-19 patients has been observed within the Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments.

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Abdool-Richards, however, lamented that there continued to be a significant number of unvaccinated Covid-19 patients being admitted to hospitals. “The percentage in the ICU is well above 80 per cent. So it proves that vaccines are safe and effective in reducing hospitalisations, even among those persons who may have coexisting comorbidities,” she said.

‘Covid hospital admissions continue to drop’  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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