Jamaica mother rues son’s troubles in Ukraine after invasion

Jamaica mother Ukraine invasion

Jamaica mother rues son’s troubles in Ukraine after invasion

“Problem after problem,” a distressed mother lamented to the Jamaica Observer on Sunday following an update from her son in the Ukraine invasion that he, along with 23 other Jamaican students, had been forced to embark on a nine-hour walk to the Polish border from the city of Lviv after initial plans to travel by bus were disrupted.

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“I just want this whole thing to be over now. I am stressed out… It is not like your child is in Jamaica and you just don’t know if she is OK. It is a whole other country, and every time you look on social media you see a next news that makes you worry 1,000 times more. I wouldn’t wish this feeling pon mi worst enemy,” said the worried mother whose name is being withheld.

The mother’s lament came before Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Kamina Johnson Smith confirmed that the 24 Jamaican students had travelled by foot after bus plans were disrupted.

“My best information is that apparently citizens were angered by the bus overtaking traffic. It is not clear to me whether this is vehicular traffic or foot traffic, as we have all been seeing images of long lines of people proceeding both on foot and by vehicle towards various border points in order to leave Ukraine,” Johnson Smith said in an early release.

But by mid-afternoon there was better news from Johnson Smith, as she disclosed that the students had reached an agreed point at the border between Ukraine and Poland.

“Of course these areas are extremely crowded, so it will take time for them to go through,” said Johnson Smith.

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“Regrettably, we understand that two of the students are not feeling well. One in particular because of the cold. She is currently getting care in an ambulance now at that border crossing point,” added Johnson Smith.

‘Problem after problem’  Jamaica Observer


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