Boy rescued from cave unharmed- Barbados

cave Barbados

Boy rescued from cave unharmed- Barbados

An intense near five-hour rescue effort by the Barbados Fire Service, the Barbados Defence Force and Police for a missing person at Coves Cave, St Thomas last night paid off.

Around midnight, 17-year-old Sheadon Padmore emerged from the Cave unscathed into the arms of worried family members who were at the scene.

Padmore had gone on a tour of cave with friends earlier on Sunday.

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“It was a rough journey but together we made it out. I want to apologise to my family for everything they went through. I know it is hard for them but we made it out.

“I want to say thanks to everybody for coming out tonight and getting me out of the cave safely,” said Padmore, who was in good spirits.

His grandmother Mardelle Bennett, who immediately hugged Padmore after he emerged from the cave, praised the efforts of the rescue team.

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“I would like to thank everyone, the police, the taskforce, everybody. That went and bring my grandson out of that cave. I don’t know how I feel tonight, I feel so great to have my grandson back in the arms again. I thank everyone that he is alive and well.”

Padmore, who revealed that he has explored the cave about ten times or more said he was not afraid.

“The only problem for me was the light, had I had light down in the cave, I would have been back out ever since, but light was the problem for me but otherwise it was pretty ok, I came out unharmed. I wasn’t scared at all. I know the cave and I know my friends would not have left me down in there, so I tried to find my way to the exit because I know my friends would have  been there to help me out.”

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Fire officials led by Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard, three station officers and 12 other personnel led the rescue effort which was hindered by high water levels in the cave.

UPDATE: Boy rescued from cave unharmed  Barbados Today


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