Russian tank appears to crush civilian car with driver inside

Russian tank crush car

Russian tank appears to crush civilian car with driver inside

A Russian Strela tank swerved toward a moving car in Kyiv’s Obolon district and appears to crush it while a senior Ukrainian driver was still occupant, according to a video of the incident.

It appears the armored vehicle swerved lanes and intentionally ran over the black sedan, remaining stationed for a brief period before rolling back over the vehicle.

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“A Russian tank had driven over the civilian car. Terrifying footage. My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine,” a senior adviser to Belarusian human rights activist and politician Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya wrote on Twitter, adding a clip of the incident that was filmed from a distance.

A Ukrainian senior man in a car hit by the Russian tank survived!

— Franak Viačorka (@franakviacorka) February 25, 2022

In a separate tweet, the official said the driver of the sedan was an elderly man and he miraculously survived the shocking encounter. He also shared a picture that shows local Ukrainians helping the trapped senior out of the totally crushed sedan. He reportedly suffered only some minor injuries.

In another clip, a group of passing-by civilians are seen bending and breaking apart the remains of the damaged vehicle in an effort to untrap the man.

Russia began invading Ukraine early on Thursday with a series of missile strikes that mainly targeted government and military installations, on the orders of President Vladimir Putin, who announced a “special military operation.”

At least 137 people had been killed and 316 were wounded since Russia launched its assault on the country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday.

Zelensky has pleaded with Russia’s government to hold talks, and with Western powers to act faster to cut off Russia’s economy and provide Ukraine military help. The president’s whereabouts are kept secret and he told European leaders that he was Russia’s No. 1 target.

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Video Shows Russian Tank Crushing Civilian Car in Kyiv With Driver Still Inside  NTD


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