Kurleigh Prescod calls for reduction in cost of doing business

Kurleigh Prescod

Kurleigh Prescod calls for reduction in cost of doing business

A top official of telecommunications giant Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W) has issued a call to Prime Minister Mia Mottley and other regional governments to do more to ensure greater uniformity among players in the information and communication technology (ICT) space and a reduction in the cost of doing business.

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Vice President for the South Caribbean at Cable & Wireless Communications Kurleigh Prescod said the company, which trades here as FLOW, was in the business of connecting people and creating value in their lives. However regional governments needed to be more adaptive and review some fees to ensure customers could benefit more from lower costs.

He said as the telecoms company continued on the journey to reduce roaming rates and charges partners in government to re-examine the level of license fees and universal service contributions, duties and taxes on network equipment and infrastructure to allow us to pass on further reductions to valuable and mutual subscribers and nationals, and a relaxation in regulations especially as it relates to the contracting market for landline telephone services across the region.

Prescod made the comments on Wednesday during the historic signing of the Declaration of St George’s Towards the Reduction of Intra-CARICOM Roaming Charges, which paves the way for new fixed roaming charges to become a reality. They should take effect by the end of next month.

Under this agreement, FLOW and Digicel have agreed to cooperate on the development of a roadmap for the planned CARICOM single ICT space.

Prescod suggested that companies that provide a streaming media or video service by piggy-backing on the already established internet service here should be made to pay their fair share.

Over-the-top providers usually charge a subscription fee for their streaming services. Examples of such providers include the popular Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Prescod noted “Every dollar these providers take from not only the telecommunications providers – but from our local businesses such as newspapers and national broadcasters, contributes to further erosion from the necessary funding our governments need to take care of our populations, while putting further strain on employment in our markets.”

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