City Puss describes affiliation to an obeah man

Clansman Gang members

City Puss describes affiliation to an obeah man

City Puss, the One Don Gang’s alleged second in command, revealed during one of the secret recordings that an obeah man would put him on his guard whenever wardens were going to search his jail cell.

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City Puss also disclosed that the ‘science worker’ was about 15. According to City Puss on the recording, the obeah man was working with another member of the gang, Juvenile, now deceased, who introduced him to the spell worker.

“Yeah man, good good obeah man, a him guard Juvenile but Juvenile eva a cuss de duppy dem and a sey baay sitten. When Juvenile a lef, de duppy dem inna de community a walk up and down,” City Puss said. “Mi and Juvenile have an understanding like dat a. A mi an di likkle bwoy reason straight. A him guide man yah suh said way. Two times warden a come search mi … and him say fi look out fi dem inna de afternoon Thursday and den come Thursday same b*********t hours when him tell me,” he claimed. “Him gud den man,” the witness replied.

City Puss recalled that the obeah man had also told him to look out for the search team the following Thursday, which they also did. The top-ranking gangster claimed the obeah man had also warned him to be careful of his alleged crony, defendant Joseph ‘Papa’ McDermott, as he was corresponding with ‘Brucky’, another alleged gang member who is now deceased.

During the playing of some of the recordings in the ongoing trial yesterday, it was revealed that Brucky was one of the alleged members who was on the gang’s hit list as it was believed that they had switched allegiance and were working with either the police or members of the gang who were feeding police with information. During the conversation, it was revealed that Juvenile had been killed in downtown Kingston and that he had been feuding with some men from Tivoli Gardens.

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Gangster uses teenage obeah man to avoid warders  Jamaica Star Online


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