The World Bank and the Funding of Genocide

The World Bank Genocide

The World Bank and the Funding of Genocide

The Bretton Woods Agreement came into effect in 1944, laying the foundations for a new international monetary system. With the agreement came the creation of two new organizations.

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The first was the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an institution (ostensibly) designed to secure international monetary cooperation. The second institution, the World Bank Group, played a key role in rebuilding countries devastated by World War II.

Fast forward almost 80 years, and both the World Bank and the IMF find themselves mired in controversy and heavily compromised.

Twenty years ago, the authors Salih Booker and William Minter gave the ultimate definition of “global apartheid.” Stated briefly, it’s “an international system of minority rule whose attributes include: differential access to basic human rights; wealth and power structured by race and place; structural racism, embedded in global economic processes, political institutions and cultural assumptions; and the international practice of double standards that assume inferior rights to be appropriate for certain ‘others,’ defined by location, origin, race or gender.”

Speaking of discrimination, let’s talk about China, a place where apartheid with Chinese characteristics is currently taking place. In Xinjiang, very much an apartheid state, innocent people are being persecuted. To be specific, genocide is taking place and the World Bank is funding it. And the World Banks isn’t funding “just” cultural genocide, as some authors would have us believe, but actual genocide. Ethnic cleansing. Exterminations on a scale not seen since Mao Zedong reigned supreme.

Hundreds of thousands have been shipped off to “reeducation” camps, a more polite way of saying death camps. For people who question the existence of Hell, look no further than Xinjiang. It is, by all accounts, one of the most hellish places on earth.

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The World Bank Funding of Genocide: Enabling the Enemy

According to a joint investigation carried out by the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and NomoGaia, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of human rights, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group headquartered in Washington, has contributed to the genocide occurring in Xinjiang.

According to the February report, significant evidence “suggests that several of IFC’s clients are active participants in the implementation of China’s campaign of repression against the Uyghurs, including through forced labor, forced displacement, cultural erasure, and environmental destruction.”

During a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Peter Schweizer, author of “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” talked about something called “elite capture,” a strategy whereby the CCP essentially loops in “American business titans with lucrative contracts or deals that get them to look the other way as Beijing rises internationally.”

This type of capture also extends far beyond the United States. In fact, “elite capture” appears to be a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, however, according to the aforementioned joint investigation, the World Bank has strayed far from its original goal. An institution that was designed for good has been corrupted beyond all recognition. Instead of helping the world heal, the World Bank is contributing to hurt, harm, harassment and genocide in Xinjiang.

The World Bank and the Funding of Genocide  The Epoch Times


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