Klansman Gang Has Its Own Lucifer

Clansman Gang members

Klansman Gang Has Its Own Lucifer

Residents and business owners in St Catherine, Jamaica, who are unfortunate enough to fall under the thumb of the notorious Klansman Gang know only too well what a call from “Lucifer” means.

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This is the evidence of Witness Number One, a former member of the criminal organisation turned State witness, who has been regaling the court with countless stories of the escapades of his former allies.

In the latest round, the witness, who was on Thursday recalled to the stand, provided the court with the finer details relating to the recordings of conversations between himself and the gangsters which he clandestinely taped and handed over to police investigators.

The witness — in being led through the first 77 minutes of the recording of an April 4, 2019 phone call between himself and the sole female accused Stephanie Christie, alias Mumma, and the mysterious co-conspirator so far only identified as “City Puss” — said City Puss had adopted the moniker Lucifer when carrying out his extortion activities.

The information emerged while the witness was providing details about a discussion during the call about a property that Christie had occupied but was being claimed by relatives, to her chagrin.

“So right dere an den now, mi a go waan yuh haffi page one a dem,” Christie said.

City Puss, whom the witness has described as “evil”, responded, “Cyaan use dem style deh pon wi, yuh mad? Get mi a number mek mi chat to dem. Yeah man, from mi call dem and tell dem a Lucifer, man, mi nuh ha nuh wing yah now, man. Lucifer, man. Back up offa man ting.”

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When Christie added, “Di man dem mek mi uncomfortable,” City Puss, for good measure, said “Yow, mi seh jus’ get di number.”

He further told Christie, who said she was going to move out and leave one bed in the dwelling, that she should do what she wanted, but warned her against handing over the keys.

‘Lucifer’ calling  Jamaica Observer


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