Gang factions sign peace treaty

Clansman Gang members

Gang factions sign peace treaty

Andre “Blackman” Bryan, the alleged leader of the One Don faction of the St Catherine-based Klansman gang, from behind bars learnt of his crumbling empire, which not only saw his gang turning away from him, but also sign a “peace” treaty with members from fierce rival Tesha Miller’s faction of the criminal organisation.

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The signing of the peace treaty which, according to Witness Number One, involved “politicians”, was for a “ceasefire” between men from the De La Vega area of Spanish Town, which was controlled by Miller, and Top Banks run by Bryan. Both men had been incarcerated at the time. Miller is presently serving life, while Bryan is being tried for a number of offences after being jailed in 2018.

The ceasefire, according to Witness Number One, meant “there would be no shooting or killing” between the rival gangsters.

The detail was contained in one of several phone calls played into the records of the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston on Tuesday in the ongoing trial of 33 alleged members of the gang now on trial. The recordings are among several which were turned over to the police by Witness Number One, a former gang member turned State witness, who secretly taped the conversations.

In the recordings the accused Fabian Johnson, alias Crocs, was heard egging on Bryan to exact revenge on an individual identified only as “Dudus”, who had turned against the gang. The vengeance they had recommended was for Dudus’s family members to be killed.

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“Big eediat dem. A yuh teach nuff a dem fi bad and si how dem a gwaan yah now, a yuh put dem pon di road and highlight dem, ennuh teacha,” Crocs grumbled.

According to Crocs, the accused Stephanie Christie, alias Mumma, had tipped him off that Dudus and his family had taken refuge in St Thomas. According to Crocs, the sisters of the man had been spotted by Christie at a stage show emerging from a yard.

Gang factions signed peace treaty while Miller, Bryan were incarcerated  Jamaica Observer


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