It’s no laughing matter, Mr Minister -Trinidad & Tobago

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It’s no laughing matter, Mr Minister -Trinidad & Tobago

I am always so bitterly disappointed when ministers are asked serious questions about terrible experiences faced by the nation and their immediate response is to smirk, guffaw and respond flippantly and dismissively.

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Trinidad & Tobago Finance Minister Colm Imbert created the model when he found it so amusing that after he raised gas prices over and over again, no one rioted, that he was beside himself, snickering and giggling, thereby embarrassing the nation at an international forum (unforgivable). When asked questions about crime and the safety of the nation, Fitzgerald Hinds dismisses it as not his problem (true to form).

And so, I am asking Minister Marvin Gonzalves what was so funny when he was asked to assure the nation that the power outage for almost 12 hours on February 16, 2022 would not happen again.

Obviously, the joke was on the nation, that after suffering an egregious day of inconvenience of traffic, fleeing hot stuffy offices (or being forced to work in them if you are in the private sector), no taxis with people having to rush out for candles, to collect children from school almost in a state of panic, and then to get water and bread and sardines, only to be followed by a night of sheer terror.

Did he not remember that he was “the line Minister for the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC)”?

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Sir, this is as inexcusable as your folly with the recent disconnection drive, which if you were Robert Le Hunte, you should be considering your other work options as early as the news conference ended. I just remind you that when the Prime Minister asks you to account to the nation for the assignment he dumped on you regarding restructuring the WASA, that you have something to show that’s not laughable…no pun intended.

It’s no laughing matter, Mr Minister | Letters to Editor |  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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