Iran Nuclear Deal is a nonstarter for warlike Israel

Iran Nuclear Deal Israel

Iran Nuclear Deal is a nonstarter for warlike Israel

Israel Will “Never” Come To Terms With “Weaker” Iran Nuclear Deal

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With reports of an imminent return to the Iran nuclear deal, Israel is being very public in their disapproval of the matter, and how ‘weak’ they think the deal ultimately will be.

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The deal isn’t public yet, and looks fairly straightforward. Israel has been grousing at the talks for months, however, and the truth of the deal matters much less than the Israeli government being mad about it.

Former army chief, now Defense Minister Benny Gantz, via The Washington Post

DM Benny Gantz was the most clear about how intractable Israel will be, saying Israel could never come to terms with Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state.

“Action must be taken to ensure that Iran does not continue to enrich in additional facilities and oversight must be increased,” he said. Gantz demanded that the IAEA continue to investigate open files of wrongdoing. “Development of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads must be stopped,” he added.

“Iran takes over failed states, forcing them to defend Iranian interests while committing human rights violations,” he charged of Israel’s longtime nemenis.

This as Prime Minister Naftali Bennet said “We may see an agreement shortly,” adding that the current deal in progress in Vienna “is shorter and weaker than the previous one.”

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To be clear, a nuclear threshold state is a nation without nuclear arms, but with the technological capability to build them. There are any number of nations with threshold capacity, simply by virtue of technological advancement.

That means Iran doesn’t have to do anything antagonistic, and Israel will still be unhappy with them in general.


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