Dwight Sutherland proposes to build 10,000 houses over 5 years

Dwight Sutherland houses

Dwight Sutherland proposes to build 10,000 houses over 5 years

Thirteen hundred Barbadians displaced by natural disasters last year will not only have permanent homes to rest their heads by June but they will benefit from Government’s plan to pay their insurance for ten years.

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This is the commitment from Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance Dwight Sutherland, who also declared intentions to deliver another 1,000 houses in the next 12-16 months.

On Friday, Sutherland toured numerous areas earmarked for new developments including 2nd Avenue Haggatt Hall and Lower Burney in St Michael and St Matthias Christ Church.

At Haggatt Hall, he shared plans to construct three quadruplex buildings and three duplex buildings with 18 two-bedroom units to be done by construction company Infra.

“We are optimistic that these 150 units given a start to completion time of 12-14 weeks, we expect that within the next three to four months we would see the 150 units built,” said Sutherland.

“These units will help address the challenges that we faced due to the freak storm and Hurricane Elsa. We have houses being built from St Lucy to Christ Church, St George, across the length and breadth of this country, to assist those persons who suffered the effects of Hurricane Elsa through roof damage or total demolition.

“We, as a government, pride ourselves in providing safe, resilient and affordable housing for those many persons. I know there have been questions in the media with respect to where we are with rebuilding the houses damaged by Hurricane Elsa and I will say today we’ve received 1300 applicants as a result of damage done to their houses and we have formed a team between Urban Development Commission, Rural Development Commission and the National Housing Corporation staff, we are looking at rebuilding 1300 houses,” the minister added.

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He disclosed that 55 per cent of the houses are actively being rebuilt as part of the project to the tune of $70 million.

Sutherland tells of proposal to build 10,000 houses over five years  Barbados Today


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