Recovered addict explores his journey from the ‘dope hole’

Recovered addict

Recovered addict explores his journey from the ‘dope hole’

February 17, 2022 marks 27 years since David Waithe decided to change direction by committing to a drug rehabilitation programme and saying goodbye to 25 years of active drug use.

Sitting at his Bonnetts, Brittons Hill, St Michael home, in an interview with Barbados TODAY on Wednesday, the eve of his milestone, the recovered addict, Waithe, declared that because of his commitment to a strict rehabilitation programme, and a hunger to change, he is a different man.

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The 65-year-old said he was happy he made the decision to walk straight out of a drug hole and into the Black Rock Psychiatric Hospital where he told authorities that he was ready to check himself into the rehabilitation programme being offered at that institution.

“On this day, February 16 in 1995, at this time I am talking to you right now, 20 minutes past six, I was in Tamarind Avenue in the dope hole, prickled, nasty, agitated, angry and very upset. And I was up and down the dope hole up to about 10 o’clock that night and I moved from there around 10 o’clock and went down to Black Rock. I slept outside Black Rock and went in the morning of the 17TH.

“But I must say that I had two previous attempts at Black Rock before that time – in 1993 and 1994. The first time I went it was about a girl I had and the second time it was about my job, but I wasn’t ready either of those two times. I was ready when I went on February 17.

“I had to turn my life around. I have done bad things and hurt people along the way. My ex-wife got the worst of me. She get the beating, she get the hot water thrown on her. And due to my drug use, the whole relationship was not good because I wasn’t really about her, I was about the drugs at that time,” he said.

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Recovered addict, turned counsellor, explores his journey from the ‘dope hole’ to Verdun House  Barbados Today


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