Man says the devil told him to steal wheel

devil steal wheel

Man says the devil told him to steal wheel

A 51-year-old man yesterday blamed the devil for giving him the impulse to steal a wheel.

David Duffus pleaded guilty to simple larceny and for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act. He was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment for larceny offences and ordered to pay a fine of $80,000 or serve six months’ imprisonment for breaching the curfew.

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It is reported that about 2:15 a.m., one morning last December, Duffus was held along the roadway in the Kingston 10 area, after he was spotted with a pry tool and a wheel from a motor car. Before he was sentenced, Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague gave him the opportunity to explain his actions.

“Me just a beg some leniency, Your Honor, that’s all me a beg yuh. To be honest yuh know, Your Honour, it come een like a di devil just tell me fi go tek the wheel,” the defendant said.

When asked by the judge why he was listening to that particular voice, Duffus said “Him just lead you astray sometimes Your Honour, God know.” He said that he has never been before the courts for any other offence. However, investigators told the court that Duffus was held for larceny twice before but was left off with warnings.

“Mr Duffus, the most appropriate sentence for you is a period of imprisonment. But let me tell you what I will take into account, the fact that you pleaded guilty and you did not waste the court’s time. You see, messages must be sent. You did it already and you were warned and you go back and put your hand in the cookie jar, so to speak,” the judge commented.

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Man says the devil told him to steal wheel  Jamaica Star Online


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