Sugar sector wages to get 100% increase – DR

Sugar sector wages

Sugar sector wages to get 100% increase – DR

Santo Domingo, DR

The Labor Minister, Luis Miguel De Camps, announced that workers in the sugar sector would have a 102% increase in their wages. In addition to this, those in the manufacturing and administrative areas will have a 97 percent salary increase.

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Through a tripartite agreement, the salary of field sugar workers was improved, who will now earn an eight-hour day from RD$198 to RD$400, while administrative and factory workers will go from making a salary of RD$7,663 to RD$15,000.

The Minister of Labor added that this increase is unprecedented in the history of the Dominican Republic; which almost doubles the salary of these workers in the sugar industry.

DeCamps added that in this government administration, five salary increases have already been made for various sectors thanks to the consensus and the maturity of the tripartite dialogue.

In the meeting led by President Luis Abinader, the president stressed that these actions are achieved “without populist speeches.”

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Starting today, the wages of workers in the sugar sector will increase by almost 100%  Dominican Today


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