Manchester fire leave Woman and her grandson homeless

Manchester fire homeless

Manchester fire leave Woman and her grandson homeless

Tamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer 

A Manchester fire leaves a woman and her grandson homeless, after their home in the Robin’s Hall near Malton in the parish, was gutted on Tuesday. 

This is the third major fire in the community in past two months. 

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According to reports, the grandmother left a wood fire unattended while cooking. 

Some time later, residents saw smoke and raised that the house was on fire. 

Deputy Superintendent  at the Mandeville  Fire Brigade, Rohan Powell,  told The Gleaner that when the  firefighters got to the scene, everything was already lost.

Omar Miller, the councillor of the Craig Head Division, said the number of recent fires in the area is worrying.

“There are so many persons who have been displaced. The first fire  in Coleyville, 18 individuals were displaced. Five persons were displaced in a fire in Ticky Ticky,” he said.

Miller added that two houses were destroyed in Silent Hill, displacing a total of 11 individuals. 

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“In Robin’s Hall, Malton we had two other fires where 11 became homeless from one home and two individuals from the other,” he said.

Miller said, it is now a challenge to get adequate assistance for the victims.

“The support is minimal because at this time the only support is really from Ministry of Labour who will give them a one off $60,000  grant to help to get back some things. The process would also continue with the ministry in terms of the victims applying for the government house, which sometimes takes years,” he said.

Woman, grandson left homeless after Manchester fire | News  Jamaica Gleaner


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