Governor Kristi Noem Will Challenge Judge’s Ruling

Governor Kristi Noem

Governor Kristi Noem Will Challenge Judge’s Ruling

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem will fight to overturn a judge’s order blocking a rule to protect unborn babies and mothers from dangerous abortion drugs, she told reporters Thursday.

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Noem, a pro-life Republican, created a new rule requiring medical supervision for women taking the abortion drugs after the Biden administration began allowing abortion drugs to be sold through the mail without a doctor’s visit. However, Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union sued, and a federal judge blocked the state from enforcing the rule earlier this week.

At a press conference Thursday, Noem said her administration will appeal the ruling and fight to protect women’s health in South Dakota, Keloland News reports.

Noem faulted the judge for focusing on access to abortion rather than women’s safety, the reason for the rule.

“It was interesting to hear her argument,” she told reporters. “It was more about making it an abortion issue, which clearly in this telemedicine abortion order that we put forward, it’s about women’s health. It is four times more likely a woman will end up in the emergency room from utilizing and accessing abortion through this manner.”

Typically, abortion facilities give the first drug, mifepristone, to the woman in person and then send her home with the second drug, misoprostol, to take a day or two later – though some now are mailing them both to women without ever seeing her in person.

Under Noem’s new rule, abortion facilities must provide direct medical supervision by giving the first and second abortion drugs to the woman in person. Because the drugs are given a day or two apart and the state also has an informed consent waiting period, the rule means women must make at least three visits to the abortion facility.

Noem said they want to be sure that women receive adequate medical supervision when they have abortions.

“And that is why we put it forward is to protect women’s health and make sure that they are medically supervised,” she said, according to the news outlet. “The federal judge chose to make it about something else, and that’s disappointing. We will appeal.”

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On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier, a Clinton appointee, issued a preliminary injunction blocking the state from enforcing the rule. Schreier said the rule creates a “substantial obstacle” to women seeking abortions, and “Planned Parenthood and its patients [would] face irreparable harm” if the state enforces it.

Lawyers for the Planned Parenthood abortion chain said it cannot comply with the rule because its only abortionist flies into the state only twice a week, according to the report.

But Noem said the drugs are dangerous, and a doctor should be available to help women.

“In the instance of telemedicine abortions, someone can make a phone call, get online, order the drugs to be sent to their home,” she told reporters. “There is no medical supervision. That’s what makes it so dangerous. And that kind of access opens it up to our young women to be in their bathrooms or locker rooms alone undergoing this procedure with no doctor or physician … tied to the responsibility of what the consequences may be.”

Governor Kristi Noem Will Challenge Judge’s Ruling, Fight for Ban on Mail-Order Abortions  LifeNews.comGovernor Kristi Noem Will Challenge Judge’s Ruling, Fight for Ban on Mail-Order Abortions  LifeNews.comGovernor Kristi Noem Will Challenge Judge’s Ruling, Fight for Ban on Mail-Order Abortions  LifeNews.comRead More“when:24h” – Google News


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