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In “Over the Target,” a recently added series to EpochTV, host Lee Smith and Brandon Fallon talk about the conflict that has been brewing at the Russia–Ukraine border. Will America get involved, and what is the media not telling the American public about the root cause of this conflict?

Currently, tensions are running very high at the Russia–Ukraine border, with Russian President Vladimir Putin having over 100,000 troops stationed there. America has advised its citizens in Ukraine to come back. Although the United States may not be deploying troops at the moment, Lee Smith says that it’s absolutely involved in this conflict by being involved in its origins, which Smith claims begins with Russiagate.

Russiagate is the information operation that was run through the American media and pushed by intelligence services, namely the FBI, and asserted that President Donald Trump and Putin had colluded to relieve Ukraine-related sanctions on Russia in exchange for Putin helping Trump win the presidential election. The idea that Trump would relieve sanctions on Russia related to its 2014 incursion into Ukraine and seizure of Crimea is at the heart of this conspiracy theory. Smith says this information is also the central part of the infamous Steele dossier that is often overlooked.

Smith says in order to understand the significance of the current conflict with Russia and Ukraine, one must look back at 2013, when protests broke out in Kyiv that were referred to as the Euromaidan Revolution. The so-called revolution ended in February 2014 when the elected leader of Ukraine fled Kyiv and went to Moscow. As details unfolded, it appeared that the United States had a significant role in ousting the Ukrainian leader in what looked more like a coup than a revolution. Shortly after installing new leadership in Ukraine, senior Obama officials began visiting the country, leading people in that region to see the actions of the United States as an admission of CIA and government official involvement in the Ukraine coup. This sent a message to Putin and others in that region that the United States was willing to put its own preferences in government positions in Ukraine and that the United States is able to use Ukraine as an instrument to destabilize Russia. Many American foreign policy officials see Ukraine as an easy way to contest Russia in Russia’s area of influence. Russian officials see this as well.

EpochTV Review: Did Biden’s Past Dealings with Ukraine Cause the Current Conflict with Russia?  The Epoch Times


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