February 13, 2022

2 Minutes

Pro-Life Group Works to Close Abortion Clinics By Holding Them Accountable for Breaking Laws – LifeNews.com

A new pro-life organization is filling an important gap in the fight to end abortion by ensuring authorities hold abortion facilities accountable when they break the law. Reprotection began in 2020 to protect women and...
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U.S. Politics -2 Minutes

EpochTV Review: Did Biden’s Past Dealings with Ukraine Cause the Current Conflict with Russia? – The Epoch Times

Emily Allison  Commentary In “Over the Target,” a recently added series to EpochTV, host Lee Smith and Brandon Fallon talk about the conflict that has been brewing at the Russia–Ukraine border. Will America get involved, and...
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World News -2 Minutes

Thousands Pour Into Ottawa Amplifying the Voice of Protest Around the Capital – The Epoch Times

By Richard Moore February 12, 2022 Updated: February 12, 2022biggersmallerPrint OTTAWA—The center of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, was flooded by thousands of protesters on Feb. 12 demanding an end to COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. Many more joined the ongoing trucker-led protest...
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