The Alarming Amount of Female Trafficking in China

Female Trafficking China

The Alarming Amount of Female Trafficking in China

The video capturing the long-term captivity of a chained woman, mother of eight children, in rural Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province has shocked China. Many believe that the woman is a victim of human trafficking and had been reduced to a reproductive tool.

The pervasive crime of trafficking in females is rampant in China, and the reasons run deep.

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Unfortunately, it is difficult to accurately ascertain the number of women in China who have been trafficked, but past state media reports provide some evidence of the tally.

On Feb. 16, 2015, reporters of the Legal Daily, a state-run Chinese newspaper, learned from the regime’s Ministry of Public Security that more than 30,000 trafficked females were rescued in 2014.

Legal Daily also reported that on March 29, 2012, reporters learned from China’s anti-trafficking training course that as of 2009, a total of 23,341 cases of abduction and trafficking of thousands of females were identified, while 45,702 abducted females were rescued.

In 1989, a book titled “Ancient Evils – Documentary of the National Women’s Abduction and Trafficking,” written by Xie Zhihong and Jia Lusheng, was published. Official data cited in the book showed that 48,100 females from all over China were trafficked to six counties administered by Xuzhou (the city where the shackled mother was found). Among them is Niulou village of Yizhuang township, where abducted females who were bought accounted for two-thirds of the young married women in the village.

It is impossible to know the number of females who have yet to be rescued or how many have been trafficked in other years.

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Judging from information disclosed by the media, most of the abducted females are sold to impoverished rural areas where there are more men than women and local residents cannot afford to marry.

The Alarming Number of Cases of Trafficking of Females in China: Analysis  The Epoch Times


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