Vaccination card is needed to access public places in capital

vaccination card

Vaccination card is needed to access public places in the Dominican Republic capital

Presenting the vaccination card to access different public places in the capital has become almost indispensable, along with masks.

Together with others against the coronavirus, this restrictive measure is part of the main conditions adopted by some commercial centers, squares, supermarkets, and other places.

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During a tour made by a Listín Diario team, it was frequently observed, that the main requirement to enter the shopping malls was to show the inoculation card.

In addition, the correct use of the mask is also essential to enter these places.

As this measure is no longer new for many citizens, they choose to have them on immediately before they enter, while the vaccination certification is hanging, which is easily observed or digitally on their cell phone, which allows the security of the premises to give way without inconvenience.

However, some citizens differ from the requirement of the vaccination card and consider the measure unnecessary.

A citizen identified as Juan Luis said that the initiative does nothing to help the country eliminate the coronavirus.

Many other countries worldwide are dropping all vaccine-related mandates and passes entirely and working toward a return to normal.

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For her part, Jossy Corcino said that the measure is “absurd” because it takes time away from her when she is in a hurry to do some errand.

“Sometimes one walks fast, asking for that [vaccine card] makes us lose time. Besides, it should not be mandatory to present, whether one was vaccinated or not. In the end, we need the services but they also need us,” he said, noting that he is vaccinated but emphasizing that the obligation is too much.

Showing vaccination card is almost essential for access to commercial places.  Dominican Today


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