Shanell Thomas escaped prisoner eludes police – Antigua

Shanell Thomas

Shanell Thomas escaped prisoner eludes police – Antigua

Around 1:30 am on Wednesday 9th February, the police Special Services Unit-SSU were on mobile patrol in New Winthropes when they spotted escaped prisoner Shanell Thomas driving a vehicle.

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The police tried to apprehend him; however, he alighted from the vehicle with what appeared to be a firearm and attempted to engage the police.

The police opened fire and he managed to escape in some nearby bushes. No one was reportedly injured.

The vehicle he was driving was seized and taken to Police Headquarters.

The search for Shanell Thomas continues, and the police are making an appeal for him to surrender himself at any police station immediately.

The police are also cautioning the public against engaging him if seen, as he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Members of the public are further reminded that it is a criminal offence to Harbour an escaped prisoner or assist an escapee to elude authorities.

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There are a few gaps in this story. Like how did the police initially try to apprehend the prisoner? Did they chase him down or did they fire immediately. How did he manage to escape after he engaged with them?

Prisoner escapes during police chase  Antigua Observer


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