Omicron B2 variant enters Caymans & people Are Ho hum about it

Omicron COVID-19 Spike.

Omicron B2 variant Caymans & people Are Ho hum about it

The cracks continue to form in the pandemic bubble. How much longer before it bursts? The more authorities crack down, the more dissenters rebel. The more our “dear” health experts try to frighten us with some new horse manure variant, the more we doubt their veracity. Maybe some good old fashioned “horse dewormer” might help rid us of the manure. Or maybe that one’s another money making scheme too.

Whatever the case may be, this story coming out of the Cayman Islands is interesting; because as is evidenced in the comments; ordinary people are getting sick and tired of the variants, and the protocols, and the mandated vaccines. Authorities should take note and let go of all the tyrannical powers they granted themselves because of COVID-19.

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Public Health officials have revealed that the new Omicron B2 variant, has been discovered in the Cayman Islands. The highly contagious nature of this latest strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was identified here on 3 February, might explain why so many people have been in isolation over the last week*. This latest variant was first identified in the Philippines in November 2021 and has since been shown to be highly transmissible.

*Yes. One confirmed case explains the thousands in isolation this week. This is why nobody believes a word health officials have to say about anything COVID-19 related. – Editor

Nevertheless, Public Health officials said it presents with less severe symptoms* than even the original Omicron. Described by some scientists as a stealth variant, because the mutations make it harder to identify, the World Health Organization said Tuesday that this strain is expected to rise around the world.

*As some in the comments put it: So it’s the common cold then. – Editor

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s COVID-19 technical lead, said the world health agency is tracking four different versions of Omicron. At a Q&A with the world’s press, she said the BA.2 subvariant, which is more contagious than the currently dominant BA.1 version, will likely become even more common*.

*Yes because Omicron has been so common in the Caribbean. How many Omicron cases does the Cayman Islands have? I’ll wait. – Editor

Releasing the latest weekly report, which covers the statistics for last week, indicates a decline in the number of people testing positive*, despite the significant number of people who appear to be in isolation.

*And they call us conspiracy nuts. There was a term for that before 2019–the cold. – Editor

Between 30 January and 5 February, Public Health officials recorded 1,671 new cases of COVID-19, a decline of 475 on the previous week. The daily average case count also fell to 231. As of 5 February, Cayman had recorded 17,687 cases, but since then there were at least 175 more cases on Sunday, indicating that the current figure has probably exceeded 18,000.

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Omicron B2 variant Caymans & people Are Ho hum about itAnd now the comments

One user said this in response to the news: B2, in other words a cold..

Another wrote: Let’s knock this sh** on the head now, it’s morphed into no more than a cold.

This one typed: yawn. UK is about to remove the isolation.

This one put the reality in context nicely: 18.000 positives, 18 deaths – and sadly people who had other severe issues going on. That is a death rate of 1 in an 1,000. Time to open up and get on.

One user called Pastor Alfredo wrote this: Whatever will we do?! Do I need to isolate if I get it? 5 days, 7 days, 10 days or 14 days? Do I need a PCR? LFT? Do I start counting on the test day or the day I get symptoms? What if I’ve had three jabs? How about two? Or one? Do I need to get a confirmed negative PCR before I can get out of house arrest? Once I’m all clear can I go to the brac for the weekend? Or do I need to get tested again? How about my kids if they get it and recover? Do they need to still wear masks at school? Do they need to test every day if another kid in their class catches it? Even if my kids are negative they have to wear masks all day in school, right? But not while they’re eating. Or swimming. Or doing PE. Or outside. But they do if they’re moving from the classroom to the place where they’re doing PE? While I don’t have to wear a mask in the office at all.

Crystal clear and totally logical.

He continued: Meanwhile a handful of people have been in hospital and all except one were discharged after a few days. On an individual level I’m very sorry for the loss of the lady who was in her 80s and hope her family have had a chance to celebrate a life well lived. All the while thousands of people are under house arrest. Tourists refuse to come whilst we (and the states) impose Dickensian restrictions on testing and travel. Children have been in schools for months without the ability to see their friends or their teachers smile behind masks made out of old t shirts as if they make any difference whatsoever.

And there were plenty more comment just like these.

Ironically, this type of skepticism to official press releases about COVID-19, were not commonplace early on. People trusted their health officials and were willing to suffer for a while; the protocols they promised would rid us of COVID-19. It’s been two years now; nothing has worked, and hardly anyone trusts the world of Health Officials. It’s their fault by the way. They need to let this go and allow people to live normal lives.

Omicron B2 variant turns up in test results – Cayman Islands Headline News  Cayman News Service


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