Truckers Block Critical US-Canada Bridge For Third Day

Truckers Block US-Canada Bridge

Truckers Block Critical US-Canada Bridge For Third Day, Alternate Routes Become Congested

At least one hundred protesters and dozens of vehicles blocked traffic between the busiest commercial crossing between the U.S. and Canada, the Ambassador Bridge, for the third day on Wednesday as some truckers have been given orders to re-route deliveries hundreds of miles to avoid logjams.

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“Problems for motorists heading toward the U.S. border continue. The Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit remains closed,” according to CityNews Toronto’s traffic reporter Kyle Hocking

Problems for motorists heading toward the US border continue. The Ambassador Bridge between #Windsor and #Detroit remains closed, plus the OPP have been forced to shut down a stretch of the WB 402 headed into #Sarnia. The Blue Water Bridge is open, but heavily backed up.

Detroit’s WWJTraffic provides a traffic camera view of a highway that leads to the bridge, showing what appears to be hundreds of trucks in gridlock. The local news outlet said, ” Ambassador Bridge into Canada remains closed.” 

Supply chain website FreightWaves sheds more color onto the Ambassador Bridge situation, also saying the critical bridge “remained closed as several dozen vehicles, including some trucks, continued to block an access road from the Canadian side.”  

These reports seem contrary to Bloomberg’s headlines on Tuesday afternoon that said the “Ambassador Bridge reopened to trucks after protest closure.” 

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We noted a logistical nightmare is playing out on the U.S.–Canada border in the Detroit area as trucks carrying goods have had to shift their routes. There have been some instances that truckers have detoured hundreds of miles.

Protests against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for truckers stretches into the third day could be problematic for Detroit’s auto industry and may cause it to come to a “screeching halt” if part suppliers from Canada cannot deliver parts. 


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