Barbados Still Dishonest About Covid Death Reporting

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Barbados Still Dishonest About Covid Death Reporting

I’m probably beating a dead horse at this point; but once again the Barbados Health ministry has chosen to report that unvaccinated persons who died, have died of Covid-19. They wrote: “Coronavirus (COVID-19) claimed the lives of two women on Monday, February 7. One was 38 years old, while the other was 63. They were both unvaccinated, and passed away at the Harrison’s Point Isolation Facility.”

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Obviously, no autopsy was carried out. Rather, the health experts must have consulted the local Shaman to “divine” the cause of death. I kid of course, but if you think about it, just how far off are our “experts” from the superstitious practices of magicians?

The absence of the scientific method in these reports, is glaring, to say the least; particularly when you consider that Barbados’ Ministry of Health in 2022, is equating Covid-19 with the coronavirus. A quick Google search will inform, that COVID-19; at least by scientific consensus; is caused by a virus called coronavirus; and isn’t itself the virus.

But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, the “experts” may be experts but clearly not scientific.

And that’s not even including the fact that it has not hitherto been properly explained to us; the difference between a COVID-19 death and a COVID-19 related death. The myriad Health Ministries throughout the region seem just as confused as we are on the topic.

Suffice to say, how Covid cases and Covid deaths are determined; is anything but an exact science; and it usually comes down to whatever said health ministry is feeling at the time. Only yesterday, it was reported that the Biden administration may be using a different method to record Covid cases and Covid deaths. So from now on they won’t be including Covid positive persons who happened to die in a motorcycle accident. And yes, those people have been counted everywhere, as COVID-19 deaths.

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So our Caribbean experts are in danger of being left behind by their international counterparts; many of whom are already looking forward to a pandemic endgame; and are pulling back on Covid-19 restrictions. While here, seemingly every unvaccinated person who dies, is counted as a Covid-19 death; and the ones gleefully reporting the news, don’t even know there’s a difference between the coronavirus and Covid-19.

Two more COVID-19 deaths; toll at 288 – NationNews Barbados —  Nation News


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