Sacked union official in Bermuda vows to take battle to court

Sacked union official Bermuda

Sacked union official in Bermuda vows to take battle to court

It’s funny how Union executives spend so much time railing against the upper class, owners, businesses and government, but ultimately, many of them are just as greedy as the ones they often oppose. Whenever a Union power struggle like this occurs; especially if a president or other high ranking member, acts with the unilateral authority of a king or emperor; it reminds me of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

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A former union official has vowed to take legal action against the Bermuda Industrial Union if a decision to ditch him is ratified at a conference this week.

George Scott, who was the executive chief union organiser for the BIU, was handed a letter of termination from Chris Furbert, the union president, in May last year.

The union later announced a special delegates’ conference would be held to decide whether to uphold the sacking.

Mr Scott said that members of the union executive could not be fired by the president but only by the General Council, a decision subject to an appeal to a special delegates’ conference.

He added: “They will vote to decide on whether I should stay or go. If they say go, it is going to court.”

The conference is scheduled to be held on Thursday and Friday.

Mr Scott, a former Progressive Labour Party MP, said he planned to challenge Mr Furbert for the presidency of the union in an election to be held later this year.

Richard Horseman, of law firm Wakefield Quin, will represent Mr Scott at the conference and in court if the battle goes to court.

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Mr Horseman said: “We are appearing at a special delegates’ conference appeal hearing where the special delegates will be considering whether to uphold his termination from the union.

“If this fails we will consider pursuing the matter further in the courts.”

Ex-union official vows to take sacking battle to court if conference backs dismissal  Royal Gazette


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