Jamaica Man killed after leaving funeral

Construction worker charged murder

Jamaica Man killed after leaving funeral

A bar operator was devastated after her 50-year-old cousin was killed early Saturday morning outside her bar in Coronation Market, downtown Kingston, hours after leaving a funeral.

Another man was also killed just footsteps away. According to police reports, Carlton Armstrong, a shopkeeper of Bond Street in Kingston 14; and Arnaldo Turner, 21, of Freeman’s Hall in Albert Town, Trelawny, were shot by gunmen about 12:30 a.m. They were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

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“Mi nah go can go back round dere knowing say a right deh so him did dead. Mi can’t manage it,” the woman said.

She said that she was about to close her bar minutes to 9 p.m. when Armstrong came in and ordered a drink. She said that he was in a good mood and was even dancing and laughing as she played music.

“Mi say mi a gwaan wait until him ready. Is the first time him a come a my bar enuh because is a next bar him usually drink,” she said. The woman said that minutes after midnight, she heard a barrage of explosions that lasted for over five minutes.

“Mi never see say him get shot. The other guy that died was down by the other bar suh mi never see say him get shot either,” she said. The woman said she laid flat in the bar, listening to the gunshots before she reached for her phone in order to turn off the music so that others could hear what was happening.

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“When mi lock off di music, one pregnant girl come inna di bar and say she don’t know where else to run to and mi tell her to come and lay down beside mi and she tell mi say di next youth dead,” she added. The woman said that when the gunmen finally ceased fire, she went outside and saw Armstrong curled up in a pool of blood.

“Him nuh deserve this at all. He was a very jovial person and not one who was in any form of badness or mix up.

Man killed after leaving funeral | News  Jamaica Star Online


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