‘Ginjah’: Crazy Artists Promote Sex & Violence in Music


Even though Jamaican reggae music artist Ginjah, is a part of the music industry, he rightly points out the bad influence the artform has over young people especially; when it is filled with sex and violence. People who deny this obvious fact are dishonest. The young and people in general tend to emulate what’s around them and music penetrates to the soul. When it is sexual and violent, it influences people to be the same way. In a country like Jamaica, where there’s been a big spike in violent crimes, it’s undeniable, music has played a significant role in that.

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With over 130 murders committed since the start of the year, reggae singer Ginjah is calling on his fellow entertainers to be more mindful about the messages they are promoting in their music.

“I’m wondering what some of my colleagues in this music industry are really thinking about when they record certain types of songs. I don’t understand how any artiste in their right mind could go in the studio and sing songs that are promoting violence and murder. There’s too much slackness and immorality in the music right now. It’s like some of these artistes don’t realise that they are influencing the youths to become gunmen, thieves and porn stars,” said Ginjah.

The singer, who’s known as the ‘reggae soulman’, says that entertainers and other persons within the music industry need to do better.

“It’s time for artistes, producers and other industry personnel to start practising social responsibility. We are more influential than the politicians and the Church*. We are the ones the youths are listening to. Therefore, we must use our influence to impact the minds of the youths positively. Instead of leading them astray, let’s uplift their minds with positive messages and guide them in the right direction,” he said.

*Not that Ginjah is referring to the one true Church established by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago; but his statement still stands as a sad indictment on the state of the world in 2022. To be honest, it’s been that way for a very long time. Popular music; the overwhelming majority of which is corrupt and influences listeners to be so too; is far more influential than the Church. It shows just to what extent the Devil has wrapped his fingers around humanity’s collective neck, even after Christ came to save us. –Editor

Strong marriages are built on the rock of sacrifice and selflessness; not on the shifting sands of romance and passing infatuation.

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Ginjah is currently enjoying a huge buzz with his new single, titled Don’t Let Go. It was produced by Natures Way Entertainment.

“This is the first time that I’ve recorded a love song* and I am very happy about the feedback that it’s getting. It’s one of the most-played songs in Jamaica right now. This goes to show that you don’t have to sing songs that are promoting violence or immorality to hit,” he said.

*This is one of the major problems with modern day artists and people in general. In one breath ‘Ginjah’ rightly decries the sexual and violent aspects of modern music; and in the next, he’s promoting his “love song”. I’ll be the first to admit that “love songs” tend not to be as graphic as sexual songs; but they’re just as much of a bad influence on the young and on people in general. So-called love songs usually promote fornication and lust, and give a wrong impression about relationships; as if the “honeymoon phase” of relationships last forever. They don’t. Strong marriages are built on the rock of sacrifice and selflessness; not on the shifting sands of romance and passing infatuation.

Ginjah calls for social responsibility in the music industry  Jamaica Star Online


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