Jamaica vaccine skeptic debunks propaganda with numbers

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Jamaica vaccine skeptic debunks propaganda with numbers

Vaccine skepticism, due to the failure of the vaccines to rid the region of COVID-19; seems to be steadily increasing in the Caribbean. Unfortunately for this writer though; the Jamaica Observer, which carried his piece, placed beneath its featured vaccine image; this caption: Vaccines have been recommended as the best option to fight COVID-19. Hopefully the reader goes beyond the caption.

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On what basis do you continue to push this vaccine narrative?

According to ons.gov.uk, which is the website for the UK’s Office For National Statistics, the total number of deaths resulting from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes is 17, 371 in England and Wales combined for the period 2020 to the end of the third quarter in 2021. However, a quick check of the UK’s http://www.gov.uk website shows a listing of 72,178 deaths in England alone for the period January 30 to December 31, 2020. The former is a more genuine report of deaths, while the latter is a compilation of all COVID-19-positive-tested deceased, even if the person tested was dying of either prostate cancer, a gunshot wound, or a heroin overdose.

With the death toll being tallied in that manner, the numbers would obviously be inflated. And since the declaration of pandemic status was predicated on these numbers worldwide, the so-called conspiracy theorists are quite credible in their claims that this pandemic is some kind of a farce.

Now let me hasten to make this clear for those who love to argue a point which was never made. I am not debating whether COVID-19 itself is real, neither am I saying no one died from it. And, of course, I empathise with everybody who lost a loved one — whether it was to COVID-19 or a stroke. I am not apathetic.

But I am, in fact, saying I, like the majority of Jamaicans who are being disrespectfully dismissed as insignificant, am not completely convinced that this progressed naturally to pandemic ranking.

Right now we are being made painfully aware of every positive COVID-19 test around us, regardless of the intensity of the symptoms. Of course, it can seem like a pandemic if every headline and news transmission screams that it is.

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I want to take the liberty of challenging every intellectually capable person in Jamaica, pushing a vaccine only narrative to audit the source of their convictions. Did you arrive at the conclusion that we all need to take these one-size fits all shots by your own observation? I’m not suggesting you have to arrive via that singular route, but did you? If you didn’t examine the authenticity of any of the information you were given, if you simply “followed the science”, which, in a case such as this one, actually means following your preferred scientist because they have divergent views, on what footing do you stand when you demand complete participation in your gamble? Gamble, because the reasonable questions which were being asked at the roll-out could not possibly have been answered at that time, and now that we have some amount of data coming back, it turns out that the hesitation was not unfounded.

On what basis do you continue to push this vaccine narrative?  Jamaica Observer


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