Omicron Is Not Driving Covid-19 Spike in the Caribbean

Omicron COVID-19 Spike.

Omicron Is Not Driving Covid-19 Spike in the Caribbean

At this point, only those with their heads buried miles deep in hardened clay, can deny the many contradictions health and political authorities have put out, on anything COVID-19 related; since they first told us about that mystery virus originating “from a Wuhan lab in China”.

Indeed, they did at first tell us that the coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan; then in their bumbling efforts to avoid accusations of racism, said that wasn’t true. I suppose that “Kung Flu” joke really kicked them in the teeth.

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Anyway, after two years of their lies being exposed by the numbers; numbers that have shown that neither the COVID-19 Protocols; nor the vaccines, have done much to halt the spread of the “invisible enemy”; the WHO and their Health Ministry lackeys the world over; have blamed the Omicron variant for the most recent COVID spike.

And however these numbers may show up on a white board in Brussels; it is clear based on the numbers; that in the Caribbean, Omicron has hitherto not made any significant impact; and why Caribbean Health officials continue to say the opposite, is baffling.

Omicron Is Not Driving Covid-19 Spike in the Caribbean: Antigua Omicron

Back in January, the Antigua and Barbuda CMO, Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, eagerly reported the first three cases of Omicron in her country. But we’ve hardly seen reports since; which is sadly a recurring theme throughout the region. Based on the available data (and that is nothing to write home about); the probable reason Omicron cases have been so scarcely reported on; is there aren’t that many cases to report on.

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On January 9th this year, Sealey-Thomas reported there were 499 active COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda. Sealey-Thomas told the Antigua Observer that Omicron is more transmissible than the other variants.

Yet only three of those 499 active cases, as mentioned earlier, were of the Omicron variety; hardly what’s driving the COVID-19 rise. This month, Antigua’s Health ministry is actually reporting a reduction in cases; with hardly a word about Omicron cases.

Omicron Is Not Driving Covid-19 Spike in the Caribbean: Saint Lucia Omicron

Antigua’s hardly alone in this deception. Omicron finally washed upon Saint Lucian shores on the first day of February. And by the Health Ministry’s telling, it has also brought along its “devastating” contribution to the island’s shrinking COVID-19 numbers.

To recall the past two months of Omicron messaging; on December 6, last year, the Health Ministry in a press release stated; “to date, there is still limited information on Omicron. Preliminary evidence suggests that it is 100- 500% more transmissible than the original virus strain.”

As it turns out, that number, is proving so far, to be another horribly wrong prognosis.

The following numbers represent the plateau of COVID-19 cases in the latest spike. January 12, 13 and 14 had 426, 568 and 464 positive cases respectively; with the daily cases immediately before and after that three-day plateau, hovering over 200 positive cases a day.

These never-before-seen numbers, all occurred before Omicron officially washed upon Saint Lucian shores.

Facts Don’t Get in the Way of a good Omicron Narrative

On February 1, the Health Ministry revealed that “The Omicron Variant was confirmed in 13 of the samples [sent to CARPHA] and 1 case of the Delta Variant.”

So of the more than 3,000 active cases in Saint Lucia, only 13 have been confirmed as Omicron. Still, the Omicron false narrative train keeps chugging along. Despite there being only 13 Omicron cases confirmed; according to Ministry logic; “Based on epidemiological patterns; it appears that the Omicron Variant may be the dominant variant circulating during this 5th wave. This justifies the high rate of transmission within the communities and work places.

Greater manipulation of the numbers, cannot be imagined. How can such a low number of confirmed Omicron cases, justify the high rate of transmission? A rate which, by the way, continues to crater since the mid-January plateau.

It’s the same in other Caribbean Countries

Meanwhile, in other islands; Dominica is still waiting to confirm its first case of Omicron. In the Cayman Islands, in January, Interim Chief Medical Officer Dr Autilla Newton said there were an estimated 3,372 active cases of the virus. 89 of these, were confirmed Omicron cases. That didn’t stop the Cayman News Service running the headline: Another major leap in Omicron cases reported. Absolutely incredible fear mongering.

But the exaggerations don’t end there.

In Barbados, one Omicron case was confirmed in late December, but there’s hardly been any reports of new Omicron cases since. Even with Barbados’ daily case numbers surpassing 900 on occasion.

Trinidad and Tobago is seeing a similar trend. The spike has come and is on the decline, without there being a huge number of Omicron cases. On January 22, their Health Ministry announced that 28 new cases of the Omicron variant had been recorded, bringing the number of confirmed Omicron cases to 56. But that Omicron number is a drop in the ocean compared to the total number of active cases in the Twin Republic.

In practically every nation in the region; spikes occurred with little to no Omicron cases. It’s clear that Omicron did not drive the rise in COVID-19 positive cases; at least not according to what the numbers say.

One Honest Expert

In a sea of Omicron hysteria spread by so many “experts”; when not even one country has 100 confirmed cases; it was surprising to come across one honest Health Official.

Dr Delroy Fray, clinical coordinator of the Western Regional Health Authority; said in late January that; “We’re seeing the effects of the fourth wave, but we have no evidence that it’s Omicron”. Bingo.

The fact is, this most recent spike in COVID cases here in the Caribbean, despite the “ever reliable” word of our experts, has not been fueled by Omicron, given there are hardly any confirmed cases in the region.


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