Pregnant mother left kids unattended, won $160,000 gambling

pregnant mother gambling

Pregnant mother left kids unattended, won $160,000 gambling

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Look no further for one of the main reasons for Jamaica’s high level of violent crime, than a 38 year-old pregnant mother, who frequently leaves her children unattended to go on gambling sprees. On one such adventure, she won $160,000 dollars. Ironically, she got arrested because she was ratted out by one of her daughters; not for the hours of neglect; but for failing to provide. And by the way, that daughter was already hooking up with a criminal wanted by police. SO there’s that. So a mother, who just won $160,000 was arrested because one of her daughters; in cahoots already with a criminal; said to law enforcement that her mother was not providing.

I imagine, had that been a man, the judge would not have gone so easy on him: a two year suspended sentence is all this charlatan of a mother got. But perhaps I’m only imagining. Anyway, is it any wonder with broken homes such as these, why Jamaica’s crime rate is skyrocketing? Food for thought.

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A Corporate Area mother of seven, who confessed to leaving her children unattended for hours while she went out to gamble, was yesterday given a two-year suspended sentence when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

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The 38-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of child neglect and was to be sentenced when the social enquiry report, which was previously requested, was given to Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague. The report outlined that the woman, who is now pregnant and currently unemployed, would often leave her children to go gambling in Cross Roads. She told the court that the last time she gambled, which was on New Year’s Eve, she won $160,000.

The woman was brought before the court after one of her daughters was arrested following a raid by the security forces in sections of west Kingston. The minor disclosed to investigators that she had started a relationship with one of the accused men being sought by the cops, as her mother [the defendant] was not financing her. That prompted an investigation and the woman was subsequently arrested and charged. Cole-Montague told the woman that while she is aware of the harsh economic crises that most families are exposed to, her actions were unwise.

“You have to be wise, you don’t want to leave your children because when you are away anything can happen. In a community like where you live, you know wul heap a man a wait pon dem. You don’t know that? You don’t know that men prey on little girls?” Cole-Montague asked.

“Yes, Your Honour, but listen. In my community, you haffi leave yourself careless fi certain things happen yere? Dem nah go just see a young girl and molest dem, if the likkle young girl nuh up to it,” the mother replied.

Mother leaves children unattended to go gambling | News  Jamaica Star Online


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