Marsha Smith Won’t Talk To Us Say JLP Supporters

Marsha Smith JLP

Marsha Smith Won’t Talk To Us Say JLP Supporters

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters congregated on the grounds of the St Ann North East constituency office on Thursday as they decried the poor representation of their parliamentarian Marsha Smith.

The placard-bearing supporters said since Smith won the 2020 General Elections in succeeding the late Shahine Robinson, her presence has been lacking across the constituency.

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In several videos gone viral on social media, protestors can be seen stomping on green shirts bearing Smith’s image.

“Hey Andrew (Holness), yuh betta come defend dis enuh! We nuh want dis yah woman yah back inna office!” shouted one woman at the protest.

“North Eastern St Ann is going to go,” said another woman, with another female saying, “Same so”.

Some persons were also seen holding placards with the words ‘Waste of Vote’, ‘Marsha a Stop Prosperity’, and ‘Disgrace to the JLP’.

At the same time, some protesters said it was time for Smith, who is Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Public Service, to resign as member of parliament.

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“We have a member of parliament who 9,000 plus people voted for… and she is not giving us proper representation. She came here and we found out that she is naive to politics,” alleged one man, who purported to be a longstanding member of the St Ann North East constituency. 

“We called her in to have dialogue with her and to show her the ropes, but she is not interested. She don’t talk to plenty of us,” he contended.

WATCH: ‘She don’t talk to plenty of us’  Jamaica Observer


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