Bishops blast pro-abortion “Catholic” leaders, silent on Francis

Bishops pro-abortion

Bishops blast pro-abortion “Catholic” leaders, silent on Francis

Every time I hear about another one of these prolife “Catholic” Bishops taking a “strong” stance against pro-abortion so-called Catholic politicians, I have a quiet chuckle. So Bishop James Conley praised Bishop George Thomas for telling pro-abortion politicians not to present themselves for Communion in his diocese, unless they repent of their actions against unborn babies.

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And while that in a vacuum is a good thing; the Bishops ignore one very crucial point on this issue: the politicians and other various secular leaders; such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi; aren’t just taking sinful actions against unborn babies; they’re committing sins against the Catholic Faith, which is a far worse crime than murder.

The fifth Commandment is this:

Thou shalt not kill.

Exodus 20:13

But not only are these politicians partaking in the murder of infants; they offend God and His Holy Catholic Church, by not believing that the murder of unborn infants is even wrong. When these politicians say they fight for the right of women to “do with their bodies” as they will; they are stating that they do not believe murder is wrong.

That is heresy.

Therefore; the Bishops’ condemnations (if we can even call these warnings that); are incomplete at best. Missing, is a condemnation of the heresy of denying the sinfulness of wilful murder; which, lest we forget, is one of the four sins that cry out to God for vengeance.

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Bishops blast pro-abortion “Catholic” leaders: Antipope Francis doesn’t believe abortion is wrong

But what are we to expect, when the man these Bishops call the Pope and submit to, told his flock, it’s a moral obligation to take vaccines that have been tested on aborted fetal cells? Antipope Francis cares more about not offending the environment, than he is with believing and defending God’s word against murder.

Antipope Francis said taking vaccines tested on aborted fetuses is a ‘moral obligation’.
He isn’t a Catholic and he’s not the Pope.

And therein lies the problem. These Bishops’ equivalent of a strongly worded letter to these pro-abortion false Catholic politicians means nothing; because the man they recognise as Pope, doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with abortion.

If these Bishops want to be taken seriously; they must condemn Antipope Francis for his heretical beliefs on many Catholic doctrines; and also condemn the politicians for heresy, as well as murder.


Dean Nestor

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