Keithisha Cudjoe family in shock over her sudden death

Keithisha Cudjoe family

Keithisha Cudjoe family in shock over her sudden death

THE family of Keithisha Cudjoe believes that there are too many unanswered questions surrounding her death.

Cudjoe’s body was found on January 28 off a precipice in the Heights of Aripo, but it was only positively identified on Tuesday.

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A post-mortem is expected to be performed today at the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park.

Speaking with the media yesterday, Cudjoe’s sister, Roxanne, said that her sibling did not have the easiest of lives.

“This right here… it is breaking us all up bad. We are angry and sad and in shock. We don’t even know how to feel. She went through so much from since she was young. She endured so much pain and trauma, and despite it she still wanted to make something for herself. She was still trying to work to provide for her son and herself so she didn’t have to rely on anyone. She was working to be better. She didn’t let everything that happened in her past to truly define her. So for this to happen, it’s a shocker. She did not deserve that,” Roxanne said.

She said her sister was from Upper Covigne Road, Diego Martin, but moved out several years ago to live with a male friend.

Roxanne said she had questions as to why it took so long for her sister to be reported missing.

“She living with people and no one made a report until the end of the week? She was missing since the Monday… and furthermore, why did they make the report at the Maracas police station if she is living with them in Cocorite? There are too many questions surrounding this that just not adding up, and we need answers.”

Roxanne said Cudjoe was the middle child of three siblings, and was the life of the party.

“She was the type to always make you smile. She always was looking out for everyone and if you didn’t have, she would give you her last. This was a beautiful soul that they took away from this world,”

Roxanne said her mother, Patricia, had been in shambles since hearing the news and Cudjoe’s three-year-old son was only asking for his mother, but no one knew what to tell him.

Cudjoe, 21, was last seen leaving her home at Harding Place, Cocorite around 8.30 p.m. last week Monday, January 24.

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When she failed to return, her friends made a report to St James Police Station on Saturday January 29.

However, the day before – Friday January 28 – a body was found an estimated 75 feet down a precipice at the Heights of Aripo.

It was in a state of decomposition and police were not able to identify the deceased.

Cudjoe’s friends journeyed to the Forensic Science Centre after investigators indicated that the body may be that of the missing girl.

Murdered woman’s family wants answers  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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