Canadian trucker debunks msm narratives on freedom convoy

Mathieu Fleury

Canadian Trucker Debunks Main Stream Media Narratives on Freedom Convoy

Submitted anonymously by ‘Java’ via Right Wire Report,

A month ago, I could not have imagined that on a clear cold day in January, I would join with the longest truck convoy (the Freedom Convey) in history and participate in a day of peaceful protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

Much has been written about that protest and readers will be well aware of the genesis, the circumstances, and the exciting dynamic of what occurred. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blasted the “fringe minority” behind the convoy of truckers protesting Covid mandated passports. There has been an effort by some in the mainstream media to disparage the protestors as nefarious and dangerous – even potential provocateurs may be at play. Here is a recent press conference that was given by the organizers of the protest to give more background.

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My first and most striking observation was the mood of festivity that permeated the crowd. The noise was deafening at times. Many thousands were there, and everyone I saw was happy and smiling. A few times, people spontaneously broke into singing our national anthem, and it moved in a wave across the crowd.

I called it the Joyous Protest. I spent hours on the Hill, moving around the crowd in various locations, and I did not observe or hear about ANY violence or even unruly behavior. Ottawa Police reported no incidents. On three occasions I encountered groups of 5 or 6 Ottawa cops moving through the crowd. They were calm, smiling, courteous, non-confrontational, and in one case I saw a high five to a demonstrator.

However, mainstream media have focused almost entirely on isolated incidents of undesirable behavior and, in some cases, have grossly misrepresented. For example, I spoke to a guy who had crudely drawn a swastika in the white portion of the Canadian flag that he was carrying, and I asked him why.

He replied to me that Trudeau is acting like a nazi dictator (honestly, the guy did not sound very bright). Based purely on visuals, this guy’s intent was unclear, and he was obviously misdirected, but MSM reported on “swastikas in the crowd.”

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One CBC commentator went so far as to wonder aloud, on-air, that perhaps Russia was behind this protest. Trudeau has mischaracterized protestors as “a small fringe group that is not representative of Canadians,” and he has used every opportunity to vilify them in his typical virtue-signaling tone. But the truth is the people I saw were a diverse group of ordinary Canadian citizens.

I had promised to log in to social media around 2:30 PM EST to provide some on-the-spot reporting and a live feed to the Right Wire Report online members (typically 40 to 80 folks daily, 24/7). The Right Wire Report has a voluntary political news team to which anyone can join – see here. The Friday night before, I installed the appropriate software on my phone and practiced with it, all went well.

But on that Saturday, I was unable to log in because I had no internet access. Nor did the ten or so random people I asked, who had their phones out. I tried to send a text message to my sister and watched it spin spin spin continuously without being sent.

Canada’s security services had apparently, and obviously, blocked internet access. It was not until I walked seven blocks back to my vehicle and drove another two blocks from the Hill that my phone beeped, indicating my text had been sent. Perhaps this was an obvious government attempt to block peaceful protesters’ rights to protest and amplify their voices.

This protest was not limited to truckers. As just one measure to indicate the depth of support, a Go Fund Me page that had an initial goal of raising $350 K to help with expenses, is now approaching over $10 M. What began as a truckers’ protest morphed into a much wider protest of fed up Canadians of all colors, creeds, and ethnicities. 

So many provincial and federal mandates and lockdown measures have breached Canadians’ Charter rights, from criminalizing religious gatherings and protests to preventing Canadians from moving about freely and crossing the border. Canadians are patient people who often defer to authority for the collective good, but it has become clear that Canadians have had enough. I was proud to be there.


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