Barbados Vaccine Double Standard At Home In Saint Lucia

Barbados Saint Lucia vaccine

Barbados Vaccine Double Standard At Home In Saint Lucia

The Barbados Health Ministry was keen to report today, the death of an unvaccinated, elderly woman who “passed away from the viral illness on Tuesday”. Less keen were they to announce that their 65% fully vaccinated population, had 681 new positive cases that very day. What continues to go unreported though, is the number of vaccinated persons who tested positive for COVID-19.

There’s even a term for that statistic in International medical circles. It’s called “breakthrough cases”. But there’s hitherto been no breakthrough, on breakthrough case reporting in our tiny corner of the world.

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Question: Is the data on breakthrough cases even available? Has it even been collected? Has anyone fully vaccinated, died of COVID-19? At this rate, we may never know.

All we need to know about our friendly neighbourhood medical practitioners; is that they have our best interests at heart; despite the endless pile up of nameless statistics to the contrary. Their lack of transparency on breakthrough case numbers, we must; just like victims of the Stockholm syndrome; unquestioningly take as a sign of their love and devotion.

Barbados Vaccine Double Standard At Home in Saint Lucia

This lack of transparency is hardly unique to Barbados. Recently, on Saint Lucia broadcast television; the President of the SLMDA waxed lyrical about the falling numbers; (still comfortably over 100 positive cases per day by the way); attributing this so-called success, to (you guessed it), the vaccines.

The funny thing about that tidbit of information though, is just how numb we’ve become to soaring COVID-19 cases. That a qualified doctor, head of our SLMDA no less; is injecting such positive spin about positive cases falling to only 100 a day; is quite frankly, terrifying when you think about it.

Permit me, dear reader, to dredge back into memory; that awful year 2020; the first year Saint Lucia and much of the world, was exposed to the pandemic. With baited breath the nation feared what the daily Health Ministry report would reveal. The news of 60, 70, 100 positive cases a day, was panic inducing. While hearing that one or two persons had died on any given day, brought dread and terror to many a household.

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Saint Lucia Vaccine Arrival

Saint Lucians dreamed then, of the arrival of a cure-all. And we were promised by our leaders and health authorities, that such numbers would be reduced; even eradicated, once we were fully vaccinated. (Back then, fully vaccinated meant two shots. But the totally trustworthy and consistent international experts; far too many of whom are of the Bill Gates persuasion; moved the goal posts on that one too).

As more and more have begun to realise, the wet fart of a vaccine, whether it is one, two, or three shots, has; far from reducing COVID-19 positive numbers; coincided with record positive cases. At the start of this year; Saint Lucia saw per day cases rise to well over 400. Even at the height of the pandemic in 2020; without a vaccine of any kind in sight; positive case numbers never got remotely close to 400 per day. But with a significant portion of our population vaccinated, 400 cases per day was an all too frequent occurrence. (Hence the humble brag of our “wonderful experts”, for bringing that number down to 100).

The vaccines have really worked wonders, haven’t they? At least that’s become the mandated national credo.

Despite the loud and clear message these numbers convey; the SLMDA President remains silent on the number of vaccinated and fully vaccinated people who make up the daily positive cases. And given how contagious silence is during a coverup of the truth; Saint Lucia’s CMO, along with our many Health officials in the Ministry; have also been silent; and have deemed that particular bit of information unfit for public consumption.

Head On A Pike

If someone were to die unvaccinated however; just as in Barbados, that statistic would be, like a head stuck on a pike; broadcast for vaccine skeptics to see; a grisly ultimatum to either bow to the norm, or suffer the same fate.

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