Ambassador dreams of shaming Europe into reparations love

Ambassador Europe Reparations

Ambassador dreams of shaming Europe into reparations love

The history of reparations goes back thousands of years. Back when reparations usually came in the form of tribute, paid by the conquered to the conquerors. But the up to date model is very much based upon the highly successful Holocaust reparations.

Unfortunately for deluded slavery reparations proponents; they think the success of Holocaust reparations, was built on the dynamic of the powerless, shaming the powerful into submission. But that could not be further from the truth.

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The truth is, Holocaust reparations have been successful, because the conquerors have demanded tribute of the conquered; just like it’s been done, over and over again, throughout human history. Many Jewish owned banks, businesses and financiers; funded both sides of the last major World War. To put it simply: the world owed Jewish financiers, mucho dinero in the aftermath of that bloody war. And when years later, the Holocaust became a thing, tribute (reparations) was sure to follow.

Now has shaming the guilty (every non Jew, ask Whoopi Goldberg); particularly Germans; played a role in the continued success of Holocaust reparations? Undoubtedly. Would that shaming vehicle be successful, minus the backing of Jewish owned banks, media corporations and businesses? Absolutely not!

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Ambassador dreams of shaming Europe into reparations love: Why Slavery Reparations Continue to Fail

That fact is what escapes “slavery” reparations advocates. Simply trying to guilt Europeans into reparations submission, isn’t going to work.

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Take Antigua and Barbuda’s newly appointed Reparations Ambassador, Dorbrene O’Marde as a prime example of this. He said that “The work for us, is deepening our own understanding. Do you know the saying; educate at home and fight abroad? So, for us, at home it is essentially education.

The fight abroad comes from the international collaborations that we can generate to make Europe be so ashamed of its history that it is prepared to sit at the table and have decent discussions with us,” O’Marde said.

“Make Europe be so ashamed of its history that it is prepared to sit at the table and have direct discussions”? Is that it? To be fair though; even in that sad statement, there seems to be a tacit acknowledgement of reality; that merely shaming Europe isn’t going to work to get anything substantial. The bargaining power just isn’t there.

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Responding to the oft-repeated, (and true), push back against reparations proponents; that African nations played just as significant a role as Europeans did, in the enslavement of thousands in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade; O’Marde said: “This is what that argument attempts to do. It attempts to ignore the fact the trade was planned, financed, executed by Europe; and whether there was a number of collaborators on the African continent, does not make the crime an African crime. It is a European crime.”

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Aside from the fact, that what O’Marde says in the above, makes absolutely no sense; it is just plain dishonest. Frankly, it is that sort of dishonesty that puts so many people off of the reparations cause. It relies too much on emotionally driven poppycock; and not enough on facts.

How can the slavery “collaborators on the African continent”; a fact O’Marde concedes; not be held as liable for the crime, reparations advocates accuse Europeans?

But even this question is moot at the end of the day; because O’Marde’s whole premise is false. All Europeans did not participate in the slave trade. Neither did all Africans. That O’Marde lumps them all in together, is common practice among reparations advocates.

Ambassador dreams of shaming Europe into reparations love: The Conquered and the Conqueror

The Ambassador makes one more point that is important to debunk. He said:

“Europeans bought the boats. They employed the sailors. They moved into the African continent with guns and they kidnapped and conquered and managed to force African people to collaborate with them in the trade,”

Left out of O’Marde’s oversimplified history; is the fact that the majority of slave ships, shipping companies and slave plantations, were financed, run, operated and owned by Jews.

Now to the crux of the matter. Why do slavery reparations ambassadors like Mr. O’Marde, seldom target the Jews for reparations; given they; as a demographic, were far more invested and involved in the slave trade; than any other demographic under the sun? The answer is a simple one. The power dynamic does not permit the conquered to demand reparations of their conquerors.

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