Us For Them Bermuda to meet gov’t to stop mask mandate

Us For Them Bermuda

Us For Them Bermuda to meet gov’t to stop mask mandate

Us For Them Bermuda, a group vehemently opposed to the mandatory masking of school children, have asked the Bermuda government to provide the one thing mindless proponents of COVID protocols can’t provide; data justifying their protocols and mandates.

The group must be leery of underhanded tactics, although the original source of the story calling them an anti-school group; was perhaps unintentional.

Read Us For Them Bermuda demands schools end mask wearing

Education officials are prepared to meet a pressure group opposed to mandatory mask wearing and other Covid-19 precautions in schools, the organisation said yesterday.

A spokeswoman for Us For Them Bermuda said that Diallo Rabain, the Minister of Education, had agreed to forward the group’s questions to the health ministry and talk to the campaign.

She added: “We would like to speak with the Government because we want better policies for our children.

“The Ministry of Education had told us previously that we should reach out to the Ministry of Health, but since then came back to the group and indicated that there is a willingness to meet.”

The spokeswoman said that the group wanted more explanation of the Government’s Covid-19 rules for schoolchildren, which they said were stricter than those for adults.

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She added: “We would like to know what research they are relying on for mask wearing for children.

“We would like to know what research there is about the protection masks provide against Omicron and we would like to know what metrics they need to see in order to relax the policy on masks.

“We have seen a big change from last year compared to this year with so many more people vaccinated, yet children’s restrictions have become tighter. We are hoping for progress.”

Us For Them Bermuda is opposed to other regulations aimed at children, including close-contact quarantine rules and return-from-travel restrictions.

Health officials defended the Government’s Covid-19 policies for children and highlighted there had been an increase in cases detected in younger schoolchildren.

Anti-school mask group say education officials prepared to meet  Royal Gazette


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