Trinidad pro vaxxer says info battle must be fought harder

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Trinidad pro vaxxer says info battle must be fought harder

Like the classic dummy villain, whose stubbornness in evil, despite perpetual failure, brings us barrels of laughter every time the daring protagonist thwarts him; vaccine advocates keep on coming back with disproven talking points; trying to regain the trust of the people, to whom they’ve cried wolf one too many times. Apparently, these puppets of the mainstream machine have forgotten that the “must get vaccinated or else COVID-19 won’t go away” fear gas; like the tear gas they without hesitation, use on vax dissenters; has worn off and long ago lost its impact.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that even with 70% vaccine rates or more in many countries, COVID-19 has not disappeared as promised. Maybe that’s why the “experts” aren’t trusted by the people anymore.

Moreover, the impact of Omicron on people’s vaccine thoughts has been minimal at best; with the higher ups at the W.H.O. having already admitted; that their latest “variant” is not the COVID endgame but it is one step closer to it; whatever that means.

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Unfortunately for us here in the Caribbean, the nincompoops we’ve put in charge of our governments and healthcare systems, haven’t quite gotten the drift from their International taskmasters.

We had the Antigua and Barbuda C.M.O. refusing to concede that the situation is reversing from the initial Omicron panic; and like many of her fellows in the region; either refuses to release, or hasn’t bothered to collect the data on so-called “breakthrough” cases; a euphemism for the total and utter failure of the vaccine to prevent COVID-19 positives.

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She was however, keen to announce Omicron’s arrival upon Antiguan shores; with a pedantic zeal that has disappeared, along with any Omicron numbers reports. To be fair; the lack of Omicron transparency has been the same throughout the region.

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