Us For Them Bermuda demands schools end mask wearing

Us For Them Bermuda

Us For Them Bermuda demands schools end mask wearing

A pressure group is calling on the Ministry of Health to backtrack on the excessive and unfair Covid-19 regulations being enforced on children.

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The Government reintroduced Phase 1 Covid-19 regulations this week meaning children in lower primary grades will join older students in being required to wear masks at all times while indoors at school.

Us For Them Bermuda representatives are distributing stickers opposing mask wearing for children to the public throughout the week.

A spokeswoman for Us For Them Bermuda, a group launched last September, stood outside Brew café on Front Street yesterday for the second morning in a row giving out the stickers with the words “worn under protest” intended to be placed on face masks.

The mother of two primary aged schoolchildren, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the group reached out to the Ministry of Education six weeks ago only to be told this week to contact the Ministry of Health.

She said: “Lots of people have written to the Ministry of Health and we are now drafting something to send from the group.

“Our point is it should be a parent’s choice whether their child wears a mask. There is enough data now that doesn’t justify what we are doing to children.

“On the flip side, the data about the harm we are doing to them is being reported more and more. Bermuda is just going backwards in that regard. The children have way more restrictions than adults.”

Pressure group demands end to mask wearing in schools  Royal Gazette


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