T&T Murderer, awarded $20,000, sues State for non-payment

T&T Murderer sues State

T&T Murderer, awarded $20,000, sues State for non-payment

Justice Carol Gobin perhaps thought that she was pleasing God, when, for the sake of “the inherent dignity of the human person”, awarded a man, on trial for murder in 2008, $20,000 for being kept in “inhumane” conditions in prison by the State.

A year after being awarded the sum, the accused was found guilty of murder but after an appeal, a re-trial was ordered. The murderer then pled guilty to felony murder; but instead of being sentenced to death, or even life in prison; he was sentenced to 24 years; in effect two, because of time served.

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In 2018, the murderer completed his imprisonment and would now be able to access the $20,000 awarded him by a judge; more concerned with the so-called dignity of a murderer; than with the life of the one he murdered.

The rationale behind his guilty plea, was obvious by that point; 20 large, awaiting him upon his release. Only, the money has still not been delivered into his bank account; so the murderer, once again takes advantage of the corrupt laws on the books; meant to protect and serve only the dastard; and has now sued the State for failing to pay him.

To sum up; a man who committed murder, (while attempting a carjacking), was imprisoned; awarded $20,000 for being subjected to “inhumane” prison conditions; found guilty of murder and sentenced to death; but in a retrial, plead guilty to murder, and so spent only two additional years in jail. Now that he is out of jail, and still unpaid; he sues the State for not paying up. All the while, his victim, rots in the grave.

This is why Our Lord said this in Holy Scripture:

WOE to them that make wicked laws: and writing, have written injustice. That they might oppress the poor in judgment, & do violence to the cause of the humble of my people: that widows might be their prey, and they might spoil pupils.

Isaie 10:1-3

T&T Murderer, awarded $20,000, sues State for non-payment

A former murder convict has filed a second claim against the State after it failed to pay him compensation exceeding $20,000 for the “inhumane” conditions he had to endure while incarcerated.

In October 2008, Justice Carol Gobin had ordered the Office of the Attorney General to pay Colin Edghill a grand total of $20,550 but, to date, almost 14 years after the order was made, the payment has not been forthcoming.

His attorneys filed the second action last week Monday seeking to have the court order that the State hand over the owed sum, along with interest.

Edghill brought the first claim in 2004, claiming that conditions at the remand section of the Port of Spain Prison on Frederick Street had a number of shortcomings.

These included a lack of running water and poor sanitisation. The condition of the cells, he said, amounted to cruel and unusual punishment and a breach of his constitutional rights.

At the time, Edghill was in custody charged alongside another man for the murder of St Ann’s businessman Russell Govia, on October 27, 2003, which took place during a botched car-jacking.

He and his co-accused were initially found guilty of the crime by then-Justice Herbert Volney in 2009 and sentenced to death. However, the conviction and sentence were eventually overturned at the Appeal Court and a retrial ordered.

The Murderer, Now $20,000 Richer, Pleads Guilty For A Lighter Sentence

In 2016, Edghill pleaded guilty to felony murder before Justice Gillian Lucky and was ordered to serve 24 years’ imprisonment.

But given the guilty plea and the time he had already spent in custody, he was ordered to serve just about two more years in jail. He was released in 2018.

In her 2008 ruling prior to him being found guilty of the capital offence, Justice Gobin ordered the State to pay Edghill $75 per day for each of the 274 days he had been in custody at the Frederick Street prison until he was transferred to the prison at Arouca.

She had described the conditions at the prison as “a hell hole in which a man presumed innocent is deprived of the elements necessary for human life”.

While she ordered the compensation, Justice Gobin had stated she “found it difficult to attach a value to the inherent dignity of a man”.

Ex-murder convict sues State for non-payment  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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